“Murderer, leave Belgrade! Bernard Levy advocates imperialist murders!” – Jewish French philosopher gets pied in face in Belgrade – VIDEO

A Serbian activist on Wednesday threw a pie in the face of Jewish French intellectual Bernard-Henri Levy at a showing of his film “Peshmerga” in Belgrade.

The film about the Kurds’ battle against the Islamic State group was being shown at the Beldocs documentary festival in the city when Levy was ambushed by a member of the small communist group SKOJ.

David Icke Live in Belgrade, Serbia – VIDEO – Choose your language on the right

As Levy addressed the audience, the young man ran in front of him and threw the pie in his face. Two others, claiming to be members of the SKOJ, shouted: “Murderer, leave Belgrade!,” and an activist stepped out on stage with a banner asserting that philosopher advocated murder.

“This man was advocating the bombing of Yugoslavia eight years before NATO strikes” against Serbia in 1999, the activists told the audience.

Levy responded by telling the activists in French “Long live democracy in Belgrade.”

Security guards escorted the SKOJ activists from the cinema.

The French Jewish philosopher has a long history of being targeted by pie-wielding critics.

Ambushed in Brussels in 1985 by Noel Godin, an eccentric comedian who has made a career out of throwing pies in celebrities’ faces, the French-Jewish philosopher knocked Godin down to the ground and, after cleaning the cream from his face, screamed about kicking him in the ribs in front of cameras.

Do you want to see a noble thinker in action? Look at the video.

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