Psychological Aikido: 20 Tips From One Of The Best Psychologists In The World! – by Michael Litvak psychologist and psychotherapist

20 Tips From One Of The Best Psychologists In The World

The following 20 tips from Dr. Michael Litvak, psychotherapist and psychologist who developed the system “Psychological Aikido” will help yousolve many life situations:

1. If a man cannot say anything good about himself, and wants to say something, he begins to speak bad for others.

2.If you really want to bite something, bite the science, not the throat of your neighbor.

3.Depression has been given to man in order to have time to think for himself.

4.Nobody rejects nobody, only some of us are going forward. The one who stands still is considered rejected.

5.If you think to yourself, why is it necessary someone else to do it, too.

6.If you like something do not ask for permission. You will not get it.

7.The ability to love and tolerate loneliness is an indication of spiritual maturity. Actually we work best when we are lonely.

8.Immature person often knows but does not know how. The mature not only know, but also knows how. That is why, immature person criticizes, but mature one acts.

9.I do not know the way to success. But I know to failure – it is the desire to be lovedby all.

10.There is no male or female logic, just ability or inability to think wisely.

Scientists ‘prove’ that the soul does not DIE: It returns to the UNIVERSE

11.You want to know yourbiggest enemy? Look at the mirror. Deal with him and the rest will go away, too.

12.Achieve Success – insultswill pass.

13.Friends are enjoyable to talk with, but enemies are useful.

14.There is only one valid reason for termination of the connection and termination of employment – the inability of a person to grow in the circumstances.

15.You should share your joy both with friends and enemies. Friends will be glad, and the enemies will be disturbed.

16.Do not chase happiness, and you will find the place where it resides. Luck will find you. I can tell you one place where your happiness resides – inside you. And the path to it is maximum development of your capabilities.

17.Happiness is a by-product of properly organized activities.

18.If you want to prove something to someone, that means you live for the person you want to prove that thing to. But if you live for yourself you do not need to provea thing.

19.Fantasy – it is the voice of our abilities. So I fantasize that I sing in an opera. I have neither voice nor hearing. And if I fantasized in accordance with this fantasy that would warm my abilities. Therefore, it would be difficult to attain the opera. You just need to think like that dream come true. Here is it primal not to rush, then dreams come truequite quickly. It is good when a man can say to himself the following: I deal only with attempts to make my dreams come true. 

20.It is better to communicate with a good book than with an empty man.


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