Video: Germany’s Extra-parliamentary Inquiry on corona COVID-19

Everybody knows it, they do something about it: German physicians formed an extra-parliamentary inquiry commission to expose the truth - the Coronavirus was never dangerous, the lockdown was unconstitutional, the motives were never health concerns, it was always only about money and power. - Extra-parliamentary Inquiry on corona COVID-19 - Full transcript & videos

Video: Germany’s Extra-parliamentary Inquiry on corona COVID-19

Germany’s Extra-parliamentary Inquiry on corona COVID-19 – Full transcript

By ACU – Global Research
Dear fellow citizens,

Welcome to the ACU, the Extra-Parliamentary Corona Investigation Committee. If the Parliament does not do it, then we citizens are called upon to do it ourselves.

Extra-parliamentary Corona Committee of Inquiry, we will investigate why these restrictive measures came over our country in the wake of CoVid-19, why people are suffering now and whether there is any real proportionality to the disease actually caused by a SARS-CoV-2 virus. We have serious doubts as to whether the way in which these restrictive measures have been taken is really proportionate. This must be investigated and, as neither the parliaments, the opposition parties nor the governing parties have convened a committee and it is not even in the planning stage, it is high time that we took matters into our own hands now. We will invite and hear experts here in the Corona Spokesmen’s Circle, experts from all walks of life, from the fields of medicine, social affairs, law, the economy, and much more.

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Germany – The COVID-19 Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee – Conference – VIDEO

Renowned experts have kindly already agreed to be present. In addition to the circle of speakers, my colleague Prof. HADITSCH and my colleague Dr. SCHIFFMANN, I would also like to introduce myself. My name is Heiko SCHÖNING, I am a simple doctor from Hamburg. My personal motivation is that I am a father, like many others in this country have children and we see that our children are suffering now, not only because the playgrounds have been closed, but because they are separated from each other. And for the adults, it is even worse.

We ask ourselves, why are relatives no longer allowed to visit their parents, for example in the retirement home? Is there such a great danger of infection? Do we really have a killer virus here? Do we have rabies or do we have the plague? And we have serious doubts that we do! We do not have the plague! But honesty is something that actually helps. The famous Nobel Prize winner Albert CAMUS has already expressed this in his wonderful book “The Plague”. We want to guarantee this honesty and transparency here in the ACU, in the Extra-Parliamentary Corona Committee of Inquiry.

That is why experts from medicine like Prof. BHAKDI, from the business like Prof. OTTE or from the legal system like Prof. JUNGBLUT, and many others who have already confirmed their participation have come here. And of course, we also invite all experts from the government, public institutes, the Robert Koch Institute, and internationally. It will be made completely transparent. The statements of the experts will be broadcast live, without editing, you can watch it on the internet. We will call up a website and we will of course need more resources for this. Therefore, please support us in this citizens’ initiative, in this citizens’ initiative ACU.

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What is the best-case scenario? We will see that we do not need to be more afraid, as we have been with normal flu waves in recent years because that is exactly how it seems to be. But why have they taken these terrible measures?

For example, an internal report of the Federal Ministry of the Interior has determined that 90% of all necessary operations in Germany were not carried out, which affected 2.5 million people. And also in this report, it is written that 5,000 to 125,000 patients have died as a result of the government measures. These are people, fellow men, fellow citizens who have already died, or are still dying. This report had the status of 7 May 2020, which is also the reason why we are now taking this Corona Investigation Committee into our own hands because we cannot wait any longer.

And it is more than grossly negligent that the government agencies do not expose these things in a big way and in fact it seems to be staged. Because the scientific data already show that there is no basis for these measures. So we are all asking ourselves, including in the business world of course, –

even if human lives are mainly at stake here – who benefits? We are trying to answer these questions here too. Cui bono? Who benefits?

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Thank you very much, also for your support so far and we are looking forward to further resources and also your cooperation. Once again, we invite everyone, including the other side, to speak here, and it will also be transparently posted on the Internet. And of course, we are also available for a press conference. We, therefore, ask the Federal Press Conference Association to open the rooms for us and for the international press. Thank you very much.

I now pass the floor to my colleague Dr. Bodo SCHIFFMANN.
 Yes, thank you very much Mr. SCHÖNING,
 Why is the Extra-Parliamentary Corona Investigation Committee necessary?

Because we are dealing with a lack of proportionality. Governments have to take decisions and in emergency situations, such as a pandemic, they also have to take measures that may, at first sight, restrict fundamental rights. But they are also obliged to constantly review these measures and also to loosen them up again as quickly as possible in order to prevent collateral damage, as Mr. SCHÖNING mentioned.


Instead, we get unrelated figures, figures that are only likely to stir up fear by simply adding up cases of illness and not showing that there is a disproportion between the number of people tested and those actually infected. Existing well-functioning structures, such as the Law on Protection against Infection, are simply suspended and replaced by something new, which is far more drastic, and the only thing that comes from the government is the constant call for vaccination for a disease of which we now know very well, through many international studies, that it is very comparable with flu diseases, that the mortality rates are no higher than with strong flu waves and that the measures cannot be justified by this. It is a frightening ignorance on the part of recognized international studies and experts from all fields, whether they be virologists, bacteriologists, epidemiologists, or even economists, who are simply not being heard or are being ignored. Worse still, they are called liars, charlatans, or conspiracy theorists, which is sure to become the unword of the year 2020.


Instead, vaccination is being advertised that can be highly dangerous, a vaccination without medical necessity because there is no evidence for it anymore. It is no longer even the case that enough people in Germany get sick so that a vaccine could be tested on them. And it is a new form of vaccination, a so-called RNA vaccination, which, unlike previous vaccinations, is able to alter the genetic material. And can cause incalculable damage to people. And here one must also think of the medical principle “no harm”, “nil no cere”.

This is the task of the doctors and here we also hope that other doctors will participate and think about it because we doctors must not harm the patients more than we benefit them.

My motivation is my grandparents and my parents, who taught me that if I have the feeling that fundamental rights are being restricted, that democracy is being restricted, that the press is no longer a free press, but that you get the feeling that it is propaganda, that if foreign opinions are censored, deleted, then you have to go out into the streets, then you have to become active, or you have to try to inform the public yourself, for example, as you would do with a Corona investigative committee. Because of course there is always the danger that power corrupts, and that at some point politicians can no longer see this with the right measure and aim.

I saw a danger of the loss of democracy, and I see more and more efforts every day to turn our free democratic basic order into a surveillance state, with mind control and surveillance apps and the like, under the guise of infection protection laws.

In the best-case scenario, we come to the conclusion that there should be a complete legal clarification of the background to these scientifically, medically, and humanly excessive measures, that those responsible should also be held accountable, and that situations such as swine flu, with vaccinations that have left vaccination damage in people, for a disease for which there was no need to vaccinate, should never be repeated! And all the measures that have been taken must be scaled back because they have been developed against a background of horror scenarios that never materialized and which are nevertheless constantly kept high to create fear among the population of a deadly disease that does not exist in this form. And the best thing that will come out of it, of course – and this must happen – is an immediate end to the lockdown, an end to the obligation to wear masks. At a time when there were no more cases of illness at all, a call was made for compulsory masks in doctors’ surgeries on May 29th of this year.

In the last few weeks – today is 20 June 2020, we had large mass demonstrations against racism in 20 German cities with more than 20,000 participants – if this virus in this form with this rate of infection were actually still rampant in Germany, then we should be able to register a massive increase in the number of infections today, but this is not the case.

And this proves that the measures can no longer be justified in any way. Thank you very much.

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I would like to emphasize once again that what we are doing here is completely non-partisan, it is not about right or left, it is not about fat or thin or man or woman. It is really about life and death for many, about a great deal of quality of life for adults, but also for our children. That is our main motivation – also for future generations – to face up to the circumstances we have been exposed to in recent months ourselves.

We citizens must regain our sovereignty and we also claim the right to do so, because we have it. We stand on the foundation of the constitutional Law. In the Basic Law, which I hold in my hand here, there is a wonderful article, article 20, paragraph 4, “Everyone has the right to resist if no other measures remedy the situation”.

We can also perhaps regard this Extra-parliamentary Corona Inquiry Committee as one of the last measures and hope that those – who are in government, who have also sworn an oath not to harm people, but to help those who also defend our country, that we also remind them all of it, civil servants, officers, doctors, yes, all fellow citizens are called upon to take part in it here too, and the dire circumstances, – which we all truly experience, we see it in the streets, we experience it in our families and also personally with our friends and relatives.

We must do something about this. And I am also pleased that we not only have the German perspective but that we can also bring an international perspective into the process. And that is why I am also pleased that we have a real expert on this subject in the circle of speakers of the ACU, the Extra-Parliamentary Corona Inquiry Committee, Professor HADITSCH from Austria.

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 Yes, thank you very much and best wishes from my side.

Mr. SCHÖNING, it is a great honor for me and, to be honest, also a matter close to my heart here at the ACU to take part in the Extra-Parliamentary Corona Committee of Inquiry.

If we go down to the factual level, we have to ask ourselves the questions: why is this committee of inquiry necessary at all?

This investigation is necessary because, from the outset, either grossly negligent or deliberately, without the necessary duty of care, that is to say without even the slightest consideration for collateral damage, irresponsibly inappropriate decisions have been made, which have also undermined fundamental democratic rights and trampled ethical duties underfoot.

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There has obviously also been an attempt to compensate for blatant misconduct, such as the neglect of those in need of protection – and I would like to remind you of people in retirement homes – by means of draconian, untargeted measures, perhaps in order to avoid having to justify this misconduct either, or at least to divert attention from these problems.

Whether it is ultimately unintentional, i.e. based on ignorance, or intentional – that would then have been done with questionable motives – is actually irrelevant. In any case, this disqualifies the decision-makers themselves.

In view of the scope of the decisions made, both options described above must necessarily be subjected to a detailed review, and this can be done again from experience with the extremely one-sided presentation by politics and state radio – or the state media, ultimately only by an independent, i.e. also extra-parliamentary, corona investigative committee. 

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My personal motivation for participating in this is that I am a specialist in microbiology, virology, and infection epidemiology, and I am deeply appalled by the hitherto, completely unobjective approach from a professional point of view.

Some people will now ask themselves what I mean by this unobjective approach. To this, I count the actually constant, in the media widespread sketching of “worst-case” scenarios, fear-promoting inappropriate comparisons – one only thinks for example of this perfect, unspeakable catchword of “Italian conditions”, which was at best true for some Northern Italian regions and where actually the worse supplied Southern Italian areas coped with the whole thing relatively unproblematically.

Inadequate, blatant depictions of threatening trends, which in practice never materialized – and if one had correctly assessed it from the outset, given the quality of the health care system in Germany – could never have occurred in this way.

I am also a trained general practitioner. – However, above all as a doctor, I could no longer tolerate this contemptuous approach to health and human beings, as [it] is in stark contrast to the professional understanding and ethics for all of us. This permanent fear- or rather one could say panic mongering, the psychological and social damage that can be deduced from it, the gigantic medical and economic colloquial damage and last but not least the massive interventions in all our cultural and club life are, I believe, at least as a holistically oriented physician, reason enough and motivation enough to stand up and fight against this insanity.


In view of the disaster, which cannot be assessed at all at present, it seems necessary, with due respect, of course, but unambiguously, to press for an objective evaluation of these decisions and to call the decision-makers to account in the event of proven misconduct.

The Committee of Inquiry’s perspective is, of course, also somewhat like this: what can we expect, what is the best-case scenario?

In my view, all citizens – or at least medical colleagues – should feel committed to the Hippocratic way of thinking, namely to the slogan “nil no cere”, i.e. “not to do any harm”, and that everyone, even those outside the government line swore media, should inform themselves, ask critical questions and carry out plausibility checks. And then one will discover that Bergamo is not Italy, Ischgl, not Austria, New York not the USA, and a carnival celebration in Heinsberg, an apartment house in Göttingen and some slaughterhouses, wherever they may be, are not Germany.

It should also become visible for all,

  • that the German health care system has never even begun to run the risk of decompensating, i.e. being overburdened, 
  • those measurements, such as the doubling rate and this unspeakable number “R 0”, were primarily intended to communicate in an unobjective and manipulative way in order to put pressure in form of fear on the population and lack of reference to the number of tests carried out, 
  • that false and untrustworthy figures have been used for fatalities, misused for intimidation, 
  • that the number of cases was already significantly declining well before the “lockdown”, 
  • that a general mask duty ordered 4 weeks later, seriously 4 weeks later – was factually 
 unfounded, illegal and psycho-socially irresponsible,
  • that the incorrigible adherence to measures and already refuted statements, i.e. against better knowledge and proven evidence in this context, is a criminal offense and 
  • that ultimately a drastic change in the party-political decision-making structures is overdue because this is the only way to reliably prevent the continuation or repetition of this anti-democratic approach. 

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With all my heart I wish the ACU, the Extra-Parliamentary Corona Committee of Inquiry, all the best in an objective examination of all these conflict issues. Good luck. Many thanks to Mr. HADITSCH. I would like to conclude by emphasizing once again why we are already setting up this ACU, the Extra-Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry. We do not want to wait for the parliaments or others who at some point may come later in the future, because the pressure is on now, people are suffering now. People are suffering now, and a great many people have already been injured, some have even lost their lives. Just as it was [predicted] in the internal report of the Federal Ministry of the Interior. People have died because of government measures! And that is obviously not proportionate. 

Another reason why it is so urgent that we have to take it into our own hands now, especially when no one else is doing it who might be more called upon, is a circumstance that I would like to mention again. All over the world, there are always people whose heart stops beating. Everyone has a 100% risk that at some point their heart will stop. The good news is: you can now also revive, reanimate and there is a guideline on how to do it. And this guideline was changed internationally at the beginning of April, and in the course of time, it was also changed in Germany. And this guideline, you have to imagine, says now, “because of the high risk of infection with CoVid-19 and the high damage that could be caused by it”, you should no longer give breath – imagine that – “you should now put a cloth over your mouth”.

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This means that many many more people in the world will die now because it is scientifically proven that if you press and breathe, many more people survive. And so excess mortality is produced for statistics. We have to overturn this resuscitation guideline. We can actually see, and we will be able to provide comprehensive proof together in this committee of inquiry, that we do not have the plague or the killer virus. That is good news! But we really must ask ourselves: Why is it the way [it is]? Why are these measures in place? Who benefits? We don’t want to wait until we ourselves and also our friends, our relatives suffer personal and also physical damage. 

We have to work together now! And I can only invite because there is no corporation or media corporation behind us, no rich people, no foundations.

The better we are equipped with resources, the more professional and faster we can do this work, also internationally. We will also publish it in several languages to the best of our ability. Everyone is invited to help out here, in the best public spirit. And therefore, I thank you very very much for all the support you have given us so far. Thank you very much. 


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