Russian military deploys new naval combat helicopter Ka-52K Katran Alligator to Syria

Russian military deploys new naval combat helicopter Ka-52K Katran Alligator to Syria

The Russian military has deployed new Ka-52K Katran naval combat helicopter to Syria on board the aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov”.

According to the TV channel “Zvezda”, the Ka-52K Katran helicopters are first placed on the deck of the ship and take part in the Syrian operations. The Ka-52K Katran Helicopter is a ship-based version of the Ka-52 Alligator reconnaissance and combat helicopter, which is under production for the Russian Armed Forces.

The land-based version of the combat machine was first used during the Russian air campaign in Syria. The first images of the combat use of the helicopter hit the internet on April 3, when the government army completely liberated the city of Al-Qaryatayn in Homs province with the support of the Russian air force.

The combat capabilities of the ship-based version of the Ka-52 is in no way inferior to the land-based one.

The first Ka-52K prototype made its maiden flight in March 2015 and was displayed at International Maritime Defence Show (IMDS-2015) in July 2015. Russia signed an agreement with Egypt for the delivery of 46 Ka-52K ship-based attack helicopters in December 2015.

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