Tesla's Tower (Wardenclyffe Tower): 40 Foot (12m) High Prototype Finally Raised!

Tesla's tower – Wardenclyffe Tower – Tesla's dream of wireless transfer of energy over long distances can become a reality!

“Let the future tell the truth, judge every man according to his work and merit. The present is theirs, but the future is mine, for which I worked so hard. “- Nikola Tesla

And the future starts now…

Tesla's tower – Wardenclyffe Tower: 12 meters high prototype finally raised!

“Energy will belong to everyone like the air we breathe …” – Nikola Tesla

Moscow based physicists Leonid and Sergey Plekhanov, from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), have devoted more than six years of their lives to the study of the work of Nikola Tesla in the field of wireless power.  Wardenclyffe Tower also known as the Tesla Tower was to be Tesla’s greatest gift to humanity…free wireless energy. After years of research and conducting successful experiments, they have undeniably concluded that Tesla was right! The Plekhanov brothers redesigned the Tesla Tower ie. Wardenclyffe Tower based on Tesla's basic principles, but are now using modern materials and sophisticated advanced electronic components.

World’s First Wireless Energy Transmitter – Wardenclyffe Tower 

They have made a detailed plan for the implementation of the world’s first wireless energy transmitter Wardenclyffe Tower. The energy transmitter is able to transmit energy from any point on the planet to any other point around the globe, providing a global wireless power broadcasting solution for clean energy transmission!

The Plekhanov brothers conducted the research and then successfully began the realization of the construction of the prototype of Wardenclyffe Tower. The Wardenclyffe Tower prototype was finally raised in May 2015! Though they may not be aware of it yet, this achievement is of critical interest to the entire scientific world and public at large.

Plekhanov brothers successfully conducted scientific research and started the realization of the construction of the Wardenclyffe Tower prototype, which is of interest to the entire scientific world and the public. Things were going to take place at a previously determined plan and a prototype was finally raised in May 2015!  

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The team has since then worked intensively on testing the first prototypes of the Wardenclyffe Tower and came to the conclusion that the underground part of the tower (grounding) must be dramatically improved. It is evident from his notes, that Tesla faced this problem himself in the original construction of the Tesla Wardenclyffe Tower in 1901. The underground piece is actually the most important and most expensive part of the entire project. Therefore, they have since launched a new IndieGoGo (Crowdfunding / public fundraising) campaign to collect the necessary funds and complete the project.

Tesla's Planetary Research Program

What does that even mean?

This means:

  • A world without power lines
  • A world without voltage substation and the resulting radiation
  • A world without coal-fired plants using fossil fuels and polluting the environment
  • A healthier environment for every living thing
  • The improved use of solar energy and other renewable energy sources 
  • The availability of energy to all people regardless of where they are…
  • Each residential facility has a small antenna which receives energy and then distributes that energy throughout the house
  • The vast majority of cars are non-polluting Electric Cars
  • Poverty and hunger are eradicated, there is enough abundant energy to produce food at any location in the world

All this is a future that is no longer so far off, a preferable possibility without which mankind may not survive the next century. The purpose of the planetary energy transmitter is to ensure the availability of energy anywhere in the world, even in very inaccessible places. It was Nikola Tesla’s greatest dream, and judging by the recent course of events his dream could be realized, but of course, this depends on the help of ordinary people and donations to the project to continue working. This resulting new world will be one of greater humanity, emphasizing our collective potential… We will leave a far better world for our children, and their children's children.

It's up to us. Nikola Tesla once said about the suppression of his dream of free wireless energy:

“All that was great in the past was ridiculed, condemned, combated, suppressed — only to emerge all the more powerfully, all the more triumphantly from the struggle.”

“The present belongs to them, but the future for which I had worked so hard belongs to me.”

We can say that the present belongs to them, but that all of us should strive to develop that the future belongs to us, free-minded people.

All information about the project, which many rightly call the greatest step forward in the history of mankind, is regularly published and updated on existing resources of the Global Energy Transmission:

This is where you can learn quite a lot about the project, get answers to many questions, as well as relevant information in a fully transparent manner. The progress of this planetary project, aimed at the welfare of the whole of humanity and it’s future generations, can be followed through photo galleries and video content. You can help the project by donating or by getting the word out and spreading the news about the project. Obviously, those who control the world’s mass media have no interest in promoting this project.

“Do not believe claims that a handful of people who care cannot change the world. In fact, those few are changing it. “

Get involved! Only together, we can change the world!

How to support the project realizing Nikola Tesla's Vision of Wireless Transmission of Free Electrical Energy:

  • Contribute

Our future generations thank you!

If you need MORE INFORMATION about this AMAZING WORLDWIDE PROJECT you can contact HERE


RT interview with Plekhanov's Petrenko (with logo) – video:

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orP0ERta9cg[/embedyt]

Duško Velkovski Sergey Plekhanov Leonid Plekhanov Gordana Horvat 01-06 01 2015. Belgrade
Duško Velkovski (Belgrade, Serbia), Sergey Plekhanov (Moscow, Russia), Leonid Plekhanov (Moscow, Russia, US), Gordana Mikulaš Horvat (Zagreb, Pregrada, Zagorsko-Krapinska Županija, Croatia) January 1 – 6, 2015 – Belgrade, Serbia

January 1 – 6, 2015

Global Media

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  1. Seeing for most is believing. Experiments were performed to validate Tesla's accomplishments. Are there videos of these to substantiate their claims? This effort will need a “tremendous” amount of exposure to keep it alive or the same forces will kill it again. School students would be an excellent avenue to create universal excitement and to support the project. Warn all supporters or the dark and “sinister” forces will take ALL measures to discredit the science. We are 100 years behind the times because profit before humanity ia a Zionist protocol. Think about it!! Why is the world so miserable? Answer! Parasites period.

  2. For those who don't have a clue, the power is transmitted through the ground. EMF, my a$$. They mention the importance of the grounding,,, get a clue. Carefully read up on the design of the HVDC transmission line from washington to SoCal. It is grounded in Washington. It is grounded off the coast of Ca.

  3. That is the nail in the coffin, we will be going to war with Russia. The elite are not going to let people have free energy. reaperishere.weebly.com

  4. This has been called RADIANT energy perhaps because it is very low freq. and some say as dangerous as 900MHZ cell phone being MICROWAVE energy at the other end of spectrum. This Tesla wave however is a scalar wave and not taught in electronic engineering and rejected by Einstien as he did not study this to the final conclusion or did not understand . Maxwell had gone thru the complete formula and made it understandable. The American and Soviet armed forces are using this technology now as it was made secret on Teslas death but Soviet agents had gone thru the papers before the US army had arrived in his apartment in NY.city. Tesla had only lived on only hot milk in the end and may have been poisoned as well.

  5. Basic electrical engineering theory tells us that even if we can achieve sending electricity without wires, we still have the problem of as more electrical loads are taking electricity out of the air, we will need to pump more generated electricity into the air. There is no “free lunch”. There are theories of being able to tap into the an endless supply of quantum or zero point energy, but nobody has done this yet. What Tesla proved was that you pump a certain amount of energy into the air and you could take a certain amount of energy out of the air at a high rate of efficiency. He lit a band of lights at Colorado Springs from approximately 30 km away where his generator and transmitter were. We can achieve approximately 50 percent efficiency by using DC to generate Microwaves using a Magnetron tube and after receiving the microwave beam, reconverting the Microwaves back to DC using conventiional radio frequency techniques. This has been proven. This was not what Tesla did. His conversion rate was supposedly higher and did not have the dangerous high energy microwave beam that the latter process used.

  6. Tesla technology was used at the Philadelphia Experiment and was later classified into black budget ops. The private sector and general public will not be able to utilize much of the high Tesla and other brilliant MIC science because it cannot be sanitized enough to not be weopanized by terrorists.

    Basically, the governments of the world know that if the free energy patents they had were to be implemented into even the common flashlight battery someone would abuse the process and make a bomb out of it.

    Imagine a nuclear 9 volt battery that would last for thousands of years…get my point? It's going to be a very long time before the public will benefit from the “wheelwork of nature” that Tesla was able to harness because that power in the wrong hands could “split the earth in two”, as he put it. Scalar waves, or longitudinal waves that travel from the north to south pole naturally disperse upon the face of the earth to vertices “ley lines, dragon line”, to sacred druidic sites all over the earth. Imagine the earth as a motherboaord and the poles as the poles to a battery. The ancients knew of this, Tesla rediscovered it and was able to, via the scientific process, contempororize it through hid, at the time, “modern society” and the governments would either not buy it because they would rather steal it, already had it, or just had not idea what he was talking about and had no confidence in Tesla.

    Let's hope that someday future generations will able to have a sanitized free energy grid for the earth. Sanitized of damagig radiation, and protected in such a way it cannot be weopanized.

  7. Tibor,

    You sound like a 1970's EE textbook. This kills Tesla's ideas before they had a chance to start. If Tesla had the “Impossible” drilled into him through this means, his name would not be known today. -sorry

  8. It is noted that Gabrield Kron generalized his work with the principle that all types of electrical machines must be special cases of a generalized machine, and that understanding the general machine would lead to the invention of new types. Many years ago I got the idea that that if you sandwiched three phases of 120 degree time separated magnetic fields (from a 3 phase power source) together from spiral made inductors of maximum mutual inductance; you could reverse the polarity of the middle segment making it only 1/6 th out of phase with its top and bottom segments and thus acting like a magnetic triode, the middle element would cause the magnetic fields from the exterior elements to be expanded in the opposite direction of the interior magnetic compression being made for 5/6ths of the cycle reaction time. The problem with this idea is that time is directional and because of phase rotation depending on the way the stacks are arranged in order, one phase will always be inducing current on the next one in the phase rotation, and the currents in the stack cannot be balanced. Just like in mathematics it takes nine consecutive numbers for a number array to be both horizontally, vertically and diagonally balanced as a magic square, the three phase reactive currents require nine elements to form a balanced mutual induction between phasings on a lateral placement scheme such as this. I invented the 666 machine which creates six magnetic fields out of time with each other via a 3 phase input. What is involved is “splitting” cyclic 3 phase magnetic fields placed in mutual induction and resonated so the one part rotates faster in time then the part it proceeds from. It returns and hits the point of its origin after 24 cycles. In the present system the magnetic field that splits off from its source and starts reacting with itself advances 15 degrees for every source cycle as shown by https://www.flickr.com/photos/harvich/14992141501/in/dateposted-public/
    In the movie “Around the World in 80 Days” the traveling people experienced 80 days while the world they left behind only experienced 79, but the travelers made one extra circle around the earth during the time that the earth itself only circled itself 79 times. In the invention of the 666 machine I was able to make the magnetic fields circle themselves one extra time for every 24 times the line voltage cycled itself. This process “pushed” the magnetic fields into space by employing nine elements attached to three phases separated in time by creating six interior magnetic compressions 1/6 cycle out of phase, further creating 6 magnetic expansions on the poles. Secondaries recording voltages on these poles can show an “expanded” time reference frame where adding up each of three voltage reference points adds to excess of 360 degrees.
    In order to achieve a condition where “splitting” cyclic 3 phase magnetic fields placed in mutual induction and resonated so the one part rotates faster in time then the part it proceeds from; the induced current from the previous phase in the phase rotation must appear diagrammatically ahead of the actual position of that rotating vector in time. This is achieved by reacting the spirals together at one sixth of a cycle instead of one third. By following the pattern of nine shown on the first magic square established as three diagonals in three dimensions, each phase using three spiral sets in series are made to diagonally wind around each other so that each phases center element is surrounded by adjacent phasings, to obtain the tightest mutual inductance between those phasings. “reverse wiring” of the middle center segment of each phase of three seriesed segments guarantees that each stack of three will be in a predominantly magnetic repulsive state at one sixth cycle difference in time with both adjacent phasings. This rise of individual inductive reactance of each phase by mutual induction with their neighbors is then seriesed resonated for a greater combined q factor of voltage rise then would exist in the stand alone case for each phase. Six magnetic compressions create six magnetic expansions on the exterior poles also separated out of time by a sixth of a cycle with each other. Using this process of the “666 Machine” I created the first 3 phase tesla coil based solely on resonance; bypassing the use of a ferromagnetic step up transformer. https://www.flickr.com/photos/harvich/8707063671/in/dateposted-public/
    10 & 20 Volt Operation of Wireless Bipolar TC via 666 Pancake Spirals https://youtu.be/KqtA7iVaCUg
    Now what does all of this have to do with Tesla's Wardencliff Tower? Well the tesla coil as a wireless transmission of energy through the earth functions at hundreds of thousands of hz, but the resonant frequency of the earth itself is comparably much lower at 7-10 hz. Where is the missing key? In fact we can use the principles of the 666 machine to heterodyne or pulse the impulse into the earth at its own resonant frequency!
    Dual Channel Scoping of 666 Machine Secondaries showing influence of rotating time vector
    The advent of pulsed or modulated secondary emf via 666 secondaries. https://youtu.be/GuOGMbIQnqg
    The present device can deliver 18 hz complete pulse modulation functioning with a 465 hz 3 phase input as shown in the video. The voltages issuing from the secondary combinations are measured without any alternator field input, or literally 3 phase rotational parametric emf. It is the very least amount of output that can be recorded, where a 10-20 fold increase in that output is available if the field energization takes place. Theoretically phase angle separation in time of the inputs would be the preferred method for producing a 7-10 hz pulse modulation. However other methods exist. What essentially would happen is that the sender of vibrations will be shutting down its power input to the earth at the time period of its returned electrical reflection on the globe where the receiving stations are then active; which means the process would resemble what happens magnetically where reactively the inputs and outputs are 90 degrees out of phase.

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    be in contact more about your article on AOL? I require an expert in this space to unravel mү problem.
    May be that's you! Looking forward to loοk you.

  10. Good post. I learn something totally new and challenging on websites I stumbleupon every
    day. It will always be interesting to read articles from other writers and practice a little something from their
    web sites.

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