Empire of Angels (Sun) – Two Steps From Hell

Empire of Angels (Sun)

They say there is a place where the wind is singing
A place where light is solid as gold
A place that evil cannot be breaching
A place where time never makes you old

They say there is a place where our dreams are alive
A place where the clouds rain fire and stones
A place where the stars are by your command
A place where our souls are not bound to our bones

And angels are flying all over this place.
They call it their kingdom, their home, and their shield.
They welcome all those who wish to seek wisdom
But hunt and destroy those who won't yield.

Can you find this place? I cannot assure you
It's not around here – it's nowhere at all!
They closed down the gates and vanished from eyesight
And their Empire of Angels can now never fall.

Thomas Bergersen – Empire of Angels (Sun)


Sun – Thomas Bergersen

Sun is the second stand-alone production album created by Thomas J. Bergersen from Two Steps from Hell, released on September 30, 2014. The release contains 16 tracks, featuring vocal performances by Merethe Soltvedt, Molly Conole and other vocalists. The album cover and artwork are designed by Bergersen himself. The album was announced for pre-order on September 9 across iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby, with the tracks “Empire of Angels,” “Final Frontier,” and “Starchild” made available on iTunes prior to the full release. In addition, a signed limited deluxe edition CD version has been scheduled for somewhere in 2016, set to include additional music, notes on each track written by Thomas, and a large-size poster featuring his artwork.


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Composed by Thomas Bergersen.
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