Women Retain DNA From Every Man They Have Sex With

Women Retain DNA From Every Man They Have Sex With

Women Retain DNA From Every Man They Have Sex With

Results of a new study by the University of Seattle and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center suggest that women retain and carry the living DNA from every man with whom they have had sexual intercourse with. For some, that’s a lot of DNA.

This startling information was discovered unintentionally whilst researchers were attempting to determine if women who had been pregnant with a son might be more predisposed to specific neurological diseases.

The study took a turn when researchers began to realize the complexity of the female brain.

According to the study, female brains have been found to harbor “male microchimerism”, meaning that the presence of male DNA are genetically different from the rest of the cells that make up the woman.  

See more: Microchimerism
See more: Microchimerism


“63% of the females (37 of 59) tested harbored male microchimerism in the brain. Male microchimerism was present in multiple brain regions,” according to the study.

So…where did these cells come from?

Researchers first hypothesized the cells could stem from her father’s DNA, though this isn’t possible as his DNA combines with the mother’s to create a child’s unique DNA. 

Their second hypothesis was that the DNA might be remnants of a pregnancy. Though, this was later debunked by the presence of male DNA of a female brain who had never been pregnant.

In an effort to gain a better understanding of their results before releasing information to the public, scientists buried their findings in several sub-studies and articles, but an analytical review of their investigation clearly shows where the presence of male DNA cells in the female brain stem from.

“CONCLUSIONS: Male microchimerism was not infrequent in women without sons. Besides known pregnancies, other possible sources of male microchimerism include unrecognized spontaneous abortion, vanished male twin, an older brother transferred by the maternal circulation, or SEXUAL INTERCOURSE. Male microchimerism was significantly more frequent and levels were higher in women with induced abortion than in women with other pregnancy histories. Further studies are needed to determine specific origins of male microchimerism in women.”

The following are possible sources of the male DNA living in women’s brains, according to the scientists:

  1. unknown abortions
  2. a male twin that vanishes
  3. an older brother transferred by the maternal circulation
  4. sexual intercourse

Given the fact that 63% of women have male DNA living in their brain, the first three possible sources would only apply to a small percentage of women and could not possibly make up the 63%. This leaves the fourth option, which is more common.

Hence, we can statistically infer that the source of male DNA in the female brain is sexual intercourse.

This means that a woman absorbs and retains spermatozoa has from every male partner she has sexual intercourse with. Scientists supported this finding with the results of autopsies in elderly female women that revealed some had been carrying male DNA in their brains for more than 50 years.  

Sperm are living cells. When it injected into you, it swims around until it crashes into a wall, attached and burrows itself into the flesh. If it injected into your mouth, it travels to your nasal passages, inner ear, and behind your eyes. Next, it enters your bloodstream and collects in the brain and spine.

This sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, as the sperm becomes a part of you and there’s no getting rid of it. This is just the beginning of truly understanding the full power and effects of sexual intercourse.

Ladies, if you don’t want their DNA, don’t do it!

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Men on the mind: Study finds male DNA in women’s brains

SEATTLE – Sept. 26 – Male DNA is commonly found in the brains of women, most likely derived from prior pregnancy with a male fetus, according to first-of-its-kind research conducted at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. While the medical implications of male DNA and male cells in the brain are unknown, studies of other kinds of microchimerism – the harboring of genetic material and cells that were exchanged between fetus and mother during pregnancy – have linked the phenomenon to autoimmune diseases and cancer, sometimes for better and other times for worse.

The study findings are published Sept. 26 in PLOS ONE. Lead author William F. N. Chan, Ph.D., in the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Alberta, conducted the research while working in the Hutchinson Center laboratory of J. Lee Nelson, M.D., a member of the Center’s Clinical Research Division and a leading international authority on microchimerism. Nelson is senior author on the paper.

Chan said the study is the first description of male microchimerism in the female human brain. The findings support the likelihood that fetal cells frequently cross the human blood-brain barrier and that microchimerism in the brain is relatively common. Until this study, it was not known whether these cells could cross the barrier in humans.

For this research, scientists examined brain autopsy specimens from 59 women who had died between the ages of 32 and 101. Male microchimerism was detected in 63 percent of subjects, was distributed in multiple brain regions and was potentially persistent throughout the human lifespan; the oldest female in whom male fetal DNA was detected in the brain was 94.

Twenty-six of the women had no neurological disease and 33 had Alzheimer’s disease. The brains of women with Alzheimer’s had a somewhat lower prevalence of male microchimerism, which appeared in lower concentrations in regions of the brain most affected by the disease. However, the authors noted that the small number of subjects and largely unknown pregnancy history of the women means a link between Alzheimer’s disease and level of male cells of fetal origin cannot be established.

The study also does not provide an association between male microchimerism in the female brain and relative health versus disease. “Currently, the biological significance of harboring male DNA and male cells in the human brain requires further investigation,” Chan said.

However, other Hutchinson Center studies of male microchimerism in women have found it to impact a woman’s risk of developing some types of cancer and autoimmune disease. In some conditions, such as breast cancer, cells of fetal origin are thought to confer protection; in others, such as colon cancer, they have been associated with increased risk. Hutchinson Center studies also have linked lower risk of rheumatoid arthritis to women who had given birth at least once as compared to women who had not.

Grants from the National Institutes of Health and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research funded the study, which also involved researchers from the Department of Pathology and Division of Rheumatology at the University of Washington School of Medicine.

Editor’s note: To obtain a copy of the PLOS ONE paper, “Male Microchimerism in the Human Female Brain,” visit: http://dx.plos.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0045592

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Women Retain The DNA Of Every Man They Have Sex With by Tana Amen BSN RN & Dr. Daniel Amen

Dr. Daniel Amen and Tana Amen dissect a news article that states “Women absorb and retain DNA from every man they have sex with”. This scientifically proven information gives a whole new meaning to sex education and should be taught in schools!

For more brain health education and inspiration, download The Brain Warrior's Way Podcast – available free for iPhone & Android: http://www.brainwarriorswaypodcast.com/

Tana Amen, BSN, RN. is a New York Times best-selling author, Nurse, highly respected health and fitness expert, speaker, and media guest. She offers information, guidance, and support to hundreds of thousands of Amen followers who seek to dramatically change their health and their lives by changing the way they eat, exercise and think. Tana is the author of 7 cookbooks and a coaching guide, which have sold more than 100,000 copies.

In addition to working with her husband at The Amen Clinics, Tana is part of the team, which included Dr. Amen, functional medicine specialist Dr. Mark Hyman, and heart surgeon Dr. Mehmet Oz, that helped create the wildly popular Daniel Plan, a healthy lifestyle plan. The Daniel Plan was created at the request of Pastor Rick Warren, leader of the 65,000-member Saddleback Church and author of the blockbuster bestseller The Purpose-Driven Life.

She has been quoted in AARP Magazine, been a guest author for GNC LiveWell Magazine, and appeared on Sirius XM’s Martha Steward Living Radio and Food & Wine with Chef Jamie Gwen on Southern California’s KFWB talk radio, and It’s Your Health on KMBH Public Radio with Lisa Davis.

Tana is a busy mother and nutrition leader of the Amen household. She is an accomplished martial arts enthusiast and practices Kenpo and weightlifting regularly.

In November 2016, Dr. and Mrs. Amen released two new books The Brain Warrior’s Way and The Brain Warrior’s Way Cookbook. Dr. Amen has hosted 12 national public television programs about brain health. In December 2016 his latest show, BrainFit: 50 Ways to Grow Your Brain, debuted across North America.



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