Russian Military Midfielder from the KGB Vladimir Nikolaevich Harseev: 5 G Network Is The Weapon of Mass Destruction And It Will Work Alongside The Vaccines



… You understand, hidden under the mask of welfare and the system of the mobile network and the Internet, convenient for everyone, in parallel develop as an undeclared function – a new kind of global system that will influence the population. It's a weapon of mass destruction. And now, because now they intimidate everyone with atomic bombs, bombings, while in principle there is no necessity for that. Why would anyone pollute any territory with the atomic weapon, if there is a technology that will enable imperceptive, concealed influence on the population of certain areas, countries, regions, and thereby destroy the population? That's what this is all about. And I am not the only one talking about this, but also Boris Konstantinovich Radnjikov. He is the former first deputy head of the Federal Department of Protection of the President of RF. He is also retired, a major general… 

Journalist: Good day and welcome to another show “Tell the Truth.” On the “Uncoated-Coronavirus” Show today with me there is Ilija and my colleague Aydar. 

The guest of today's show is Vladimir Nikolaevich Harseev, military midfielder, who worked in special units of the KGB Soviet Union until 1991, the head of the link unit GUVD for Rostov region until 2009, the colonel in the Internal service, a lawyer. Hello, Vladimir Nikolaevich!

V. N.: Hello, presenters, and participants!

Journalist: To begin with, Vladimir Nikolaevich, please tell us what do you do?

V. N.: Currently I am retired from the Ministry of the Interior, and now we are going to talk about the possession of knowledge, habits and skills of signals systems, I am just doing analysis of this situation, which now expands on the territory of our cities, regions and countries. And it's all connected to the problem we're about to talk about today, connected to the spread of the mobile network and the mobile Internet, to the perspective of our fifth-generation system, which is called 5 G.

In general, the problem of electromagnetic radiation is a very serious problem, and it has always existed. I'm going to tell you about the problems of electromagnetic radiation and the spread of radio waves, as a midfielder, military midfielder, who was trained at the Higher Military Command Academy for Signals. There has always been great attention to this, and such questions have always been considered at the highest level, and we are going to talk about the country, different branches of the domestic economy in which the electromagnetic radiation of various diapasons was used.

Also, this problem was of great importance because they knew that it was connected to work hygiene and with its direct influence on the human organism. Unfortunately, today, and that is not my personal opinion, but the opinion of very serious specialists who deal with the issues of electromagnetic waves. One of those specialists in our territory is Oleg Grigoriev, who deals with the dangers of electromagnetic radiation in a very serious way on a scientific basis.

This situation which we see now, and probably a lot of people notice that the mobile network objects and the mobile Internet, or the so-called mobile network antennas, as people simply call them, grow like mushrooms after rain. Most people who think and who at least understand the essence of the problem are naturally concerned. And people are completely naturally asking concrete questions: “Why does it need so many of these mobile network objects?”

I in particular was the head of the Signals Unit for the towns in Rostov district until 2009. At the beginning of the 2000s, a mobile network started its broad development. When it came to a million cities, such as Rostov on Don, that development of the mobile network was in front of my eyes. I saw what was all about, how it had to be then, and how it is today. Therefore, if anyone has any specific questions, you may already have them, I will answer these questions immediately.

Journalist: The first question, Vladimir Nikolaevich, now we have a lot of information that all around the world, people are beginning to fight with 5 G antennas. In Europe, scientists are raising the alarm, civil activists, and even here in Russia, there is a well-known case on the Internet when they simply burned those antennas. Tell me, please, what is the danger of that 5G radiation?

V. N.: So, I will say again, in principle all electromagnetic radiation, if their radiation exceeds the allowed norms, generally has a negative impact on the human body. The environment where we are now, the people on our planet Earth, is determined by the very concrete conditions: temperature, pressure, humidity, and one such parameter is a certain basic level of electromagnetic radiation. Under the influence of all these factors, the life on our beautiful blue planet was created. If we talk about any of these parameters, whether it's temperature, humidity, or pressure, and if they start to change, people immediately begin to feel a certain kind of discomfort – if we're cold, we dress, if we're warm, we switch on the air conditioner. Why? To bring conditions of our lives to normal measure, which ensures the normal functioning of the organism. It also happens with electromagnetic radiation. If a spectrum, a general spectrum of electromagnetic radiation starts to exceed certain norms, a certain “malfunction” appears in the operation of the human body. It is the same for all diapasons of electromagnetic waves.

As for the question regarding the concrete range of frequencies used in 5 G, the fifth generation, these networks are intended to use frequencies of the so-called millimeter diapason. The dangers of these frequencies of millimeter diapason, which are ranging from 30 to 120GHz, is in that these diapasons of radio waves have a highly negative impact on the human body. Why?

Because a human body, as we have already talked about, is also one electrical machine. The big brain manages all functions of the body. A large brain generates electromagnetic impulses, which are delivered through the central peripheral system to each organ, to each cell, and in this way, the management of all systems and functions of the body is carried out.

If external influence, the impact that is made on the outside of the human, exceeds certain boundaries, then it would cause some interference in processes that are occurring from the big brain to all cells of the organism, and therefore the body will report “malfunction”. This is simply an explanation that everyone should imagine and understand.

Analogous, when we watch the TV and suddenly the picture gets blurry and disappears. Why? Because it was affected by external interference. It looks like external electromagnetic radiation and the external electromagnetic impacts of a certain level can affect the operation of the body.

When it comes to these millimeter waves, what is their danger? The danger is that, except that these diapasons specifically interfere with normal managing influence within the human body, this electromagnetic radiation is directly affecting the metabolism of the cells, the living cells of the human body from which the body itself consists. To be more specific, all substances in the universe, on the planet Earth, consist of atoms and molecules. The most widespread substance in the universe is hydrogen. When the atoms of hydrogen obtain external electromagnetic energy, then under the influence of external energy, the atom of hydrogen comes out of its stable state, it starts to fluctuate. The cell and any substance will come out of its normal, stable state.

The operation of microwave ovens is based on the principle of absorption of high frequency external electromagnetic energy by hydrogen atoms. If we put a piece of meat that we want to heat in the microwave, the hydrogen atoms begin to fluctuate from the stable state at very high speed simply by absorbing the electromagnetic energy. As a result of this fluctuation and friction, the internal warming of the substance happens.

Therefore, the interatomic and intermolecular connections are torn apart, the structure of the substance is violated, and even more live substances, living tissues, and then we will see the appearance of different diseases, and the violation of the functions of the system of the human organism. Researches of our and foreign scientists, which were done to prove the damage of high-frequency radiation, have directly demonstrated that high-frequency radiation can lead to a heart attack, stroke and that it also causes blood clots and the gluing of individual blood cells, thrombosis, etc. Furthermore, this electromagnetic radiation has a certain effect, as I already stated, on the work of the nervous system of the human, they cause the nervous breakdown of people, etc. It also has a great influence on the reproductive function of a person and can cause different forms of infertility. It also affects the fetus and the unformed baby during pregnancy and causes concrete interference in their development. All these numerous diseases that we now see are directly related to the increased spectrum of electromagnetic radiation.

Journalist: We understand that 5 G is like a microwave oven for the inhabitants of our country and planet. What's the difference compared to the 4 G? Because our viewers can say, “We live with 4 G, we have home internet, Wi-Fi, we have a connection on the phone, and we live normally. What is the difference between 4 G and 5 G? Does 4 G also somehow affect us or not? “

V. N: Those already existing networks 3G and 4 G and the previous networks, those broadcasting stations and all the electronic radiation that exists around us, the radiation from electromotors, which are also magnetic apparatus, all also emit electromagnetic radiation. All this has long had a negative impact on the surrounding environment and the humans, the animals, the flora, etc. It's already happening now. I have already told you why the millimeter waves diapasons are dangerous, and that they most harmfully affect the human organism. Do you understand what this is about?

These influences that we already have of 4 G, from the Wi-Fi network that is now located in every house, and there are used in both 2.4GHz and 5GHz, and they are affecting us all the day. And people don't even think about it, let's say they turn off the Wi-Fi during the night when they don't use it. For example, I have been in the house for a long time now, I don't have any Wi-Fi router, no radiation devices. I have cable Internet and it's the most reliable, safest way to transfer internet and other transmissions, by cable. The most ordinary day of any contemporary person is like this, a man gets up and goes to work, around him are the objects of the Internet network and mobile internet, his mobile phone is in his pocket, and all of these radiation influences the human body, starting from all the antenna mobile connections, the Internet. A man comes to an office or a facility, in which at the entrance there is a metal detector that also affects the electromagnetic state of the human body, and comes to the office. In the office, what we see again–Wi-Fi routers and a set of all the radiation devices. And the man is under all that influence. Coming home, a man connects again to the home network, which does not shut down at night, and besides, before he goes to sleep, in order to be available, a man puts his mobile phone next to his bed. And that mobile phone, even in a quiet, neutral state, after a certain amount of time sends certain signals to the base station of the mobile operator, which says, “I'm on the line.” And as a result, a man is all day under the so-called cumulative impact of electromagnetic radiation. That's what this is about.

As for the 5 G system, as I have said, the idea of those who realize it is to implement as they call the Internet of things, that any device that we have in the house: teapots, televisions, refrigerators and other daily things, is constantly sending one or more information about their condition, about each other, etc.

Why was the millimeter-wave diapason chosen for embedding in the 5 G system? It was in order to increase the bandwidth of these signal channels so that more volume could be transmitted in time and this range of millimeter waves allows for increased transmission speed, and in that way, we get under their negative influence.

Why are they placing these mobile network objects and mobile Internet on every 100-150 m? Because this is the nature of spreading the millimeter-wave diapason, it requires that these objects stand at such distances, to ensure such a flow of electromagnetic field, which will enable the system to function normally.

Also, in these 5 G systems, it is projected to use the so-called active phase antennas that contain thousands and millions of separate micro antennas, which focus on the targeted rays of electromagnetic radiation of millimeter diapason. It's like a laser, and what is it?

It is a focused ray of light of a certain range, which concentrates the energy and focuses it as such. In this way, the phase antennas that just came from the military industry will also concentrate that energy and direct it to every mobile device of the 5 G. And these rays will be very strong energy and very dangerous for all living beings. For that reason, the people who possess such information in many countries of the world, have already brought the fight against the introduction of this mindless system, 5 G. And now in the United States Congress, the hearings are continuing about the mass introduction of the 5 G system in the US territory. In the Netherlands, the Minister of Natural Resources firmly stated that the inhabitants of the Netherlands are not guinea pigs and therefore the development of the 5 G system in the Netherlands will not get any expansion, and she has closed that thing. Why?

Because long-term surveys have not been carried out, and everyone claims there is so-called security of this system. But those specialists who possess such information, their vote has not been heard until today. And those scientists that cannot be bought, are the so-called scholars of the Freiburg appeal, there are around 3000 of them, they continue the struggle. They show their specific researches, inventions in this field, but unfortunately owners of transnational corporations, who import this equipment in their interests, simply ignore them and do not listen.

That is why people from some countries, some countries in Europe and China, are forced in the end to destroy the given facilities. This, of course, is the ultimate and undesirable measure, I have never been a supporter of such measures, and for that reason, we have tried and we are on the path to reach out to those managers, from whose decisions depends on the introduction or malmanagement of the given mobile network of the fifth generation in our territory.

Just a year ago, I wrote the requisition requirements that we sent to 16 legal administrative bodies of the Rostov area, in which I collected the maximum of information related to the technical part, the medical part, regarding securing State security, and with the signature of 367 people, citizens of the Rostov area, these were sent to the control bodies. But unfortunately, those people just didn't want to listen. Why? Because in the vast majority there are people who do not rule the situation— that is one, and two, these people are very interested in certain monetary gains related to the introduction of these systems.

We have explored who now in the RF territory introduces and puts those mobile networks and mobile internet facilities and creates that structure for the introduction of 5 G. I put everything in detail. It's a company called Russian Towers (Russkie Basni). It's enough to just visit the website of the Russian Tower company and see what kind of company it is, who is behind it, and to get completely concrete conclusions – who and why does it in our territory.

The owners and founders of the company are two citizens, one is a citizen of the UK, and the other in the USA. If we read the resumes that are available on this website, then even a person who does not have any special knowledge will see that those are the resumes of associates of security and spy agencies of the USA and the UK. The shareholders and sponsors of the Russian towers company are five of the largest investment companies in the world. The first is IFC, the daughter-company of the World Bank, which became famous for its projects for the destruction of agricultural production, and industries on the territory of the former USSR and all its former republics. The second is the European Bank for the reconstruction and development or the EBRD, it is enough to go to the bank's main page and see the objectives set by this bank. Furthermore, there is one of the oldest and biggest Japanese investment companies Sumitomo Corporation, then one English and one Turkish investment company. And these companies are doing and financing all the assembly of mobile networks and mobile Internet on our territory. Apparently, they are so good, and they want as well, which is why they are investing huge money to develop the signals infrastructure.

But it's not just a signal infrastructure. It's a system infrastructure of dual-term, multi-term purposes. Why? Because all equipment used in mobile connection systems and mobile Internet is all imported equipment, produced in the USA, France, Ireland, China, Israel, and some other countries entering the NATO block. All this equipment, except the basic functions that are declared in documents stating that it provides the work of a mobile network and mobile Internet, all of this equipment is the equipment for use at other levels and has undeclared functions that allow for example to intercept information from a specific territory to another territory, to determine the exact place where every user in the mobile connection system is located. It enables a certain psychotronic influence, which is confirmed, on a given territory covered by a given mobile network.

Surveys have been conducted in the United States and Western Europe for a long time, they researched the impacts of different frequencies to the mental state of the human. These were different frequencies-2Hz, 1.5Hz, 6, 7, 12 Hz, etc. And they observed the influence of these frequencies to the specific mental state of the human. That is, one frequency can cause apathy, the other aggression, a third can have some kind of psychotropic influence on the human organism. These were the first researches.

The next researches and training that were conducted, on which huge amounts of money from the budget of special organizations were spent, found out that the technology of the right, direct transmission, for example, words, voice commands, directly goes into the brain of humans, bypassing the ear. That is, the transmission of this information is a high-frequency wave, and it is introduced by certain technologies of certain information and a person receives a voice command directly to the brain. Most likely, this information in the open form is, for example, when in the USA some shooter goes and kills 20, 30 people. Then they interrogate him in the police, and he says how he woke up, and a voice in his head told him to go and get a gun, go and get a gun and kill. And the man went and started killing. They all accepted it as some kind of mistake, that it was hallucinations, the man was mentally insane, but in fact, it was the testing of these technologies, and the development of these technologies to transmit direct voice commands directly into the brain of a human.

Journalist: Vladimir Nikolaevich, do we understand that you are not saying this just like that, but that you have studied these technologies as a military midfielder, all those 5 G technologies?

V. N.: The technologies I told you about were studied by the concrete specialists who are in our territory, both soldiers and citizens. The same information appeared periodically in an open form, it was advertised, and then disappeared. The research in that area continued, they have still been carried out. All these checks were carried out during the Soviet Union, I even know people who were in laboratories and dealt directly with these technologies, but they were doing this for good medical purposes. More precisely, it was a transmission with the help of high-frequency waves of energy-informational impacts, of different medical products.

In order for our listeners to understand correctly, high-frequency electromagnetic radiation can transmit information of different kinds. For example, a radio station at 103 FM. What's happening? The information that is told by the speaker or music is placed in the high-frequency system, there is modulation, i.e. the high-frequency signal is mixed with a low-frequency signal and the transmission to the distance of that low-frequency signal is received and we hear the sound. In this way, the image is transmitted, and with the help of high-frequency oscillations we may transfer some telemetric information, and the energy-informational effect in the capacity of preparation may be transmitted.

That is, how does any medical preparation-herbal, chemical, any kind works? By getting into the organism of a person, and in the system for digestion, these products are secreting waves of electromagnetic radiation and acting on the organs and tissues of a person which causes a therapeutic action. If we take out the energy-informational parameters from any preparation-herbal or chemical and transfer them using high-frequency radiation, then, as was determined even in the Soviet time in the lab, the effect will be the same as if you have had some tea from medicinal herbs or pills. We have a lack of side effects, unlike the effects of chemical products on the stomach-intestinal system, for example. This kind of research has been conducted. Then these researches were financed secretly, which is linked to the dissolution of the USSR and other events, but these technologies continued to develop in another sphere, not in the sphere of providing medical assistance, but in the opposite, in the sphere of influence on the human organism. That's why it's completely realistic to take energy-information parameters, for example. Cyanide-alkaline, put them in the network of mobile telephony and Internet, press the button and let the transmission of this energy-information effect, and all the population in the area of the network's effects will die as if they took a cyanide pill.

That is, this is a weapon of mass destruction, which is located in our territory. These are secondary functions that can be used in such a way. Unfortunately, the security bodies that have to follow this situation, although we rely on them, they do not perform their functions. It's totally real stuff. Our scientists and military persons talk about this, but unfortunately, those who are obligated to deal with these issues do not hear.

Journalist: Vladimir Nikolaevich, you are now saying completely worrisome things and somehow our viewers do not believe much in everything that is happening. That is, you basically claim that psychotronic weapons are not simply fiction but the real existing project, i.e. the real thing, and that's the 5 G they're trying to get into Russia now. Do I understand you correctly?

V. N.: You know, 5 G is just another instrument to take advantage of. In principle, the same psychotronic influence and other influence you can also make using the 4 G and 3 G network, television and radioactive stations, and a range of other devices, in that sense and using the metal detector frames, through the frames of the barrier system, which are now virtually located in all shopping malls and with a whole array of other equipment.

You understand, hidden under the mask of welfare and the system of the mobile network and the Internet, convenient for all, in parallel develop as an undeclared function – a new kind of global system that will influence the population. It's a weapon of mass destruction. And now, because now they intimidate everyone with atomic bombs, bombings, there is no necessity for that.

Why would anyone pollute any territory with the atomic weapon, if there is a technology that will enable imperceptive, concealed influence on the population of certain areas, countries, regions, and thereby destroy the population? That's what this is all about. And I am not the only one talking about this, but also Boris Konstantinovich Radnjikov. He is the former first deputy head of the Federal Department of Protection of the President of RF. He is also retired, a major general. You can find his recordings on the Internet. He's talking about all these problems. And in his separate articles, he referred to foreign editions – military, Western European, American magazines, where this information was openly given.

In these articles, he also discusses events that were happening for example in Georgia, where such a system of psychotronic influence on the population was first tested, which was called Meduza. Those devices were placed on microbuses that had the shape of a rhombus. The mass that was targeted was simply dissolved. Because of that threshold of pain and the psychotronic effect no one could endure. These systems of psychotronic influence have been used for a long time for example in the United States to save special important objects, military bases, and other facilities. That is, the antennas are placed, which radiate electromagnetic rays and because of them, one cannot approach them because there are a psychological shock and pain: fear, horror, and so on. All this exists and functions, and it is publicly available…

Journalist: Vladimir Nikolaevich, I have a question. When we started talking about such devices, on the Internet there was a video of a woman in Moscow filming the hospital, directly filming the corpus where the infected with Coronavirus was brought. Across the street, the vehicle is parked, which corresponds to the description you gave, a mini-van, on which the SPECVEZ is written, and it contains devices, similar to the mobile network antennas that we see. They're focused on that building.

There's a car standing right here. It says signal object. It has these two devices. And all that is across the street from Clinical Hospital No. 67. This is the hospital entrance. And this is a building prepared for coronavirus. It was supposed to be a maternity ward, but they converted it. This is the kind of car that is parked.

Can we consider that these are some antennas, if the answer is yes, why do they put them directly across the street from the hospital where they have coronavirus patients?

V. N.: You know, I couldn't exclude this, because I didn't see the whole story, but it's completely possible to influence in that way. Why? Because, as I said, with the help of high-frequency electromagnetic radiation we can transfer not only the sound, the picture, not only telemetric information but also a fully energy-informational influence that can cause different violation of the functioning of the human body. Even more, if we are more in the so-called torsion waves, whose studies have been dealt with by our renowned academics Akimov and Shipov who have established that, apart from the actions of electroshock waves, as a side effect, the so-called torsion waves are emerging. These are the waves that occur around all the objects that are spinning. And since all atoms consist of molecules, and the molecules consist of the electrons which are spinning in their orbit, etc. and around every element that moves, the torsion fields appear. And these torsion fields have the ability to transmit fully-concrete energy-informational impacts, they are information transmissions, and with them, as experiments have shown, information of any kind can be transmitted.

In connection with this, what is a virus? The virus is a chain of commands, which are located in a particular part of the DNA. In principle, with the help of electromagnetic waves and torsion fields such actions of the instructions can be transmitted, which get to the living cell or thing, and which are able to change properties and things and live cells. All of the research conducted by Akimov and Shipov, they conducted such an experiment: the furnace that melts steel, to get certain concrete properties from the steel – strength, hardness, elasticity, as a rule, they add very expensive additives to alloys, these are special supplements that cause the change of steel. Instead of adding these additives, Akimov used a furnace that melted the steel by using the torsion waves and there he entered the information about the projected steel properties, as it should be. And steel was actually getting those properties, which were programmed. In this way, it is possible to provoke the objects to have other properties, including the living organism.

Moreover, regarding the impact of electromagnetic waves. Since the electromagnetic waves of millimeter diapason can affect the human body very negatively, then the body under the influence begins to oppose it, i.e. defensive functions of the body are started, and because of that, the body begins to consume additional energy. But since the power of the body is not infinite and when we are 24 hours under the influence of these electromagnetic radiations, the body gradually consumes itself and the human immunity weakens, and the body of a person can be infected by any harmless virus.

There is a large number of viruses and bacteria that live within us. In the body of a completely healthy man, there is 2.5 kg of bacteria that are constantly with us, and in normal conditions, when the human body works normally when immunity fights with pathogens, the body works normally. As soon as immunity weakens, it activates the factual weaknesses, diseases, which earlier in normal conditions had no effect on the body. Why is there a mass contagion happening now? Because, as a result of the technogenic impact of electromagnetic radiation, immunity weakens.

Journalist: The version was also in China because they said that as soon as they turned on the 5 G antennas, there was an immediate leap in the “COVID 19” virus. Did I understand correctly that it was all connected to the weakening of the human body?

V. N.: Of course, it certainly is one of the effects of the electromagnetic waves. The weakening of immunity and activation of these previously harmless diseases. As for coronavirus, we have already listened to the statements of our famous epidemiologists, who have long known what coronavirus was, and that there are several forms of it. They generally are not more dangerous than cold and flu. But since the population's immunity is weakening, even such harmless things begin to specifically affect human health.

Journalist: Vladimir Nikolaevich, I have this question. It turns out that we, finding ourselves in a house in isolation, are under great influence of let's say the router, some signals, and in connection with this our immunity is weakening more than if we were outside walking, inhaling fresh air and spending most of the time in nature.

V. N.: Yes, sure. I can say that only being in a static state, in our houses, flats, and so on, naturally has an impact that constantly exists, just from the mobile connection and mobile Internet, and from those technogenic devices that are located in our homes, and these are Wi-Fi routers, and other types of electronic devices, smart TVs that have Wi-Fi, etc. Just staying indoors psychologically affects the human body. What is more, the non-dwelling in the fresh air, influenced by the normal sunny spectrum, affects immunity, since only the sun, the sun rays affect the human body by creating vitamin D, which is directly connected to the functions of our body. Even more, our children are now placed in the so-called online school, and our children are forced to sit for hours in front of the monitors, computers, tablets, and again next to the Wi-Fi routers, where they will spend time under direct radiation. And all of that must reflect in the immunity of a person. Everyone should understand that. I recommend to everyone, to the parents first, to throw away all these Wi-Fi routers and to provide an Internet connection to their computers, televisions, etc. via cable or optical cable. It is safe and secure and it is not dangerous for you or your neighbors.

Journalist: When soldiers have military exercise, they are always in a protected environment. Can you tell us some of the ways to protect ourselves?

V.H. You know Ilija, I have talked about this before. When I was studying at the Higher Command School, my colleagues, who studied in parallel studies, dealing with radio relay signals and who studied the microwave radiation, when they went to the exercises and made a connection, those people, who performed those exercises, placed these devices at a distance of several hundred meters or even kilometers. And the devices, in which the operators who managed these processes were, were in the protected conditions i.e. they were isolated with special protective panels from various types of alloy like aluminum and others. Why? Because they knew about the damage caused by electromagnetic radiation.

Again, from the stories of my colleagues who took part in combats in Afghanistan, it was about the public service of the KGB USSR, who secured the state connection, including the one with Afghanistan, they told me that even at that time they started conducting military experiments on the impact of the millimeter waves on humans. They operated in villages where their enemies were sitting and they were very difficult to get rid of, and it was connected to very large human and other losses. They made an experiment: they set up a relay radio station, directed it to the cover, turned it on to the maximum, and the enemies who were there started fleeing in horror, or dying in terrible pain, from a heart attack, stroke, and other technogenic effects.

Such experiments were conducted even at that time, it is known. Today, the danger is that the same antennas, the same millimeter spectrum of radio waves, are distributed in all our cities, settlements, villages, etc. We really, as Gajdar said, are located in a large microwave oven which has a technological effect, because it radiates waves, which affect human health, weakens immunity, acts on the metabolism of a living organisms, etc. Furthermore, the second-degree effect of this is the psychotronic effect and similar effects. So it is a very complex system of weapons for mass destruction, which is placed on our territory as some harmless mobile phone network and the internet.

Once again, I want to underline that persons who are obliged to deal with the security issue, including State security, on the territory of our country, and that is just a matter of state security, unfortunately, they do not deal with these issues.

Journalist: Why? Why are they silent, if all this is known even to a military midfielder, that these are harmful technologies? If it has been proven to have a major impact on the population? Why these technologies are not banned but are developing, moreover, after 3 G we got 4 G and then 5 G? Why is the state silent, why push it further instead of stopping?

V. H.: Aydar, we are literate people who can really analyze this situation, which takes place throughout the world, as it mirrors and develops on our territory. We are aware that this is precisely the effect of certain groups, called the Global architects of the New world order. Moreover, there are specific transnational corporations, which are motivated by profits and super-profits. And that's why they spit on all those calls from scientists, military persons, who realistically understand the situation, and try to bring information to them and to the population. They're ignoring it all. And here, these three thousand scientists of the Freiburg appeal, who provided verified information about it, are simply ignored.

Moreover, this measuring, which I did in Rostov on Don, a million-inhabitants city in a Rostov region, shows that there is already radiation in Rostov on Don, dozens and hundreds of times higher than the regulations of Sanmina allow, which norms electromagnetic radiation. Realistically, in the city center, I was terrified by the radiation quantity. It happens every day, we find ourselves under its influence every day. Do you understand? Again, when I was preparing these statements and demands with older companions, for 16 bodies of the Rostov region, we gathered information about the position of antennas for mobile networks and the Internet on the territory of Rostov on Don and Rostov area. So, in June 2019 on the territory of Rostov on Don, we counted (and these were not complete data because we couldn’t count everything) about 392 of mobile network and internet facilities. According to the analysis which I performed at the end of 2019 when I opened the Rospotrebnazor's website, there was a part where they published the official registry of sanitary epidemiologic decisions, positive or negative, for different objects, mobile network antennas, petrol stations, and other hazardous objects. I counted the facilities of the mobile network and the Internet which received the approval of the Rospotrebnazor, and according to my calculations, at the end of 2019 on the territory of Rostov on Don, there were already about 900!

That is a modest calculation. Such amount of mobile networks and Internet objects for the purpose of securing mobile networks and the Internet is simply not needed!

Journalist: And how much is needed?

V. N.: How much is needed? As I was saying, the development of the mobile network in Rostov on Don was like in other regions in the country at the time. The first mobile operator was the company Duo Telecom, and they started developing its mobile phone network. First, they set 4 base stations for mobile phones and internet, first-generation, and in fact, these four base stations covered the entire territory of Rostov on Don and only at the corners of the city, in some lowlands and holes were problems with the connection. Then the situation has been counted and spread to 8 base stations. The signal in Rostov on Don, and it is not only my opinion but also of other specialists, was simply ideal in terms of quality, safety, and all parameters. Again, I want to tell you how the introduction of each of those base stations was at that time, while the norms were still respected.

In order to determine the object of the mobile network and the Internet, the design of the object was first done, i.e. based on the existing norms the object was designed. First, the object surroundings were chosen to ensure the maximum coverage of the territory, and that it would have no negative effect on the environment, the population, etc. The calculation was made, based on the calculations and the project, they mounted the facility and for half a year it was used for the so-called natural testing. If all the theoretical calculations have been confirmed by measurements with special devices, spectrum accelerators, and other equipment, if all the theoretical bills, which were in the design phase, were confirmed, then that base station has been standing in the phase of the so-called trial exploitation, and with a certain number of users, these measurings were extended. If everything was in accordance with norms and project requirements, that base station was already imported into exploitation and used for mobile network and internet purposes. And the first eight base stations I was telling you about went through that fabrication algorithm.

But when other mobile operators – Megaphone, Beeline, Yota, and others arrived, the situation changed. Until that period I was telling you about, the organization of Gossvyznadzor had all the functions for control of the situation, which prescribed the indication of frequencies for the operation of those base stations and it controlled all the parameters of the station, etc. Then, the functions of Gossvyznadzor were divided between several bodies, more specifically the control of the radiation safety on the population was given to Roskomnadzor, and the Gossvyznadzor which was transformed into the State Committee for Radio frequencies remained only for issuing the frequencies. The normative functions of these bodies have remained so scattered that there are so many white spots and gray zones, that it has allowed these things that are happening now. Do you understand what this is about? And now I, and many others, understand that these permits are now being issued by the Rospotrebnadzor for base stations and mobile Internet. Now many know that it functions in a certain way. Some operator decides to place a station, an organization called Rogaj Capita Ltd. designs the facility, and before, the design of such serious connection objects was performed only by the lead institutes in the RF, as Svjaz Moscow, Saint Petersburg and the entire order of other leading institutes, which had skilled staff, technology, and equipment to design such facilities in a quality manner. Now, as I said, at the end of 2019 I analyzed the registry of positive decisions regarding the structure of the mobile connection and the Internet, and I saw that the design was done by some Poselok lighting Ltd, the Soviet area of Rostov region. What can an Ltd with incomprehensible status, qualifications, and specialists and other requirements design? It's all done based on the finished form, by pattern. So, it is difficult to say that such a design can be appropriate for some real needs and norms and normative. Then the mobile network object, designed by the Rogaj Capita company, is mounted. Then, as the specialists who participated in the handover of such facilities told me, in order to formally meet the requirements of the Rospotrebnadzor, the mobile network base station is switched on at a quarter of the power, half the power, and on certain checkpoints, the radiation levels are measured, at 100 m, 50 m, 1.5 km, etc. The radiation levels are written formally, the station is switched on to lower power, nonregistered users are not active, and those measures can correspond to the level of one or more parameters. When the positive decision from the Rospotrebnadzor is received, the mobile network is put into use, and there the mobile network operator can, in fact, do what it wants. They can include a transfer to full power; thus, the level of electromagnetic radiation will be significantly altered. They can change the configuration and composition of the antennas, which is located at the base station, which will draw a significant change of electromagnetic radiation specter, as well as the level of its impact on the population. Do you understand? And this will all happen until the next attestation of that base station is done after some period of time when they will regain the approval of the Rospotrebnadzor to modernize that base station. It's a realistic picture.

That is the reason why when we start measuring the radiation levels, we discover that they are dozens and hundreds of times higher than allowed. We see this, and many people talk about it, that even if earlier mobile network objects were at altitude, in high places, they were not in the zone of people, objects, etc. And now you have your mobile network objects in lower places. Now we see that the base station has just been mounted, the so-called tower, its antennas are looking directly at buildings where people live, at educational institutions, preschools, schools. And they simply cannot function without a negative impact because the transmitter, the antenna's work diagram, is governed by the right to the living building. That's what this is about. Unfortunately, no one is going to deal with these questions and understand these simple things, that everyone, without exception, even those constituencies who are issuing permission of Rospotrebnadzor in such a way, are under the influence of radiation, as well as their own and close people, their children go to the school where they pass through the frames of metals detectors, which have a concrete negative effect. That's what's important.

Journalist: There is this opinion related to the Coronavirus – that people will simply be vaccinated, and chipping will be performed under the guise of vaccination. And that these chips are in some way connected to the 5G system. Can you tell us something about this?

V. N.: Of course, that it is all interconnected. At the beginning of the 90s, in the English and Russian press, there was an information that IBM and Intel, which are producers of microelectronic devices, created the Smartdust technology. The published materials showed that these two companies created microdevices of 0.006 nanometers that were 10 to-6 millimeters, microstructures, which were microprocessors. In addition to microprocessors, they also contained transmitters, several dozen transmitters, which collected different kinds of information from their surroundings. These microprocessors processed this information, and once they process it, those transmitters can affect the environment in which they are. In addition, these microstructures can be organized into networks, i.e. to connect with others who have the same microstructures, to send information, and to receive management from the outside environment.

The transmitter of that information is an electromagnetic wave. This technology is 5 G and was intended to make these microelectronic structures work, so-called smart dust or Internet things, that are widely discussed. When this microstructure reaches within a single object, body, it needs an external influence. And that external influence must be just a network of 5 G. And that's why these antennas are placed at a distance of 100-150 m from each other, to provide such strength to the electromagnetic field, which will activate internal microstructures and establish connections for information exchange.

Again, these microelectronic structures have the size that allows them to penetrate the membrane of the living cells and get into the liquid within the cells, to collect and wait to get the command, the signal from the external effect, when it will be activated, the process of creation will be initiated inside to give information from the collected information and external influence. With the external influence, with the help of the 5 G network, a commanding impact on those devices may be transmitted. And they will carry them over the nervous system of the man, through the peripheral nervous system and will, in fact, administer the functions of the body, control them and manage them. Again, these are not my fabrications, these are no one's fantasies, this is what was originally announced, and then it was hidden. Why? Apparently, they simply realized they had given the information first and then it all crossed into a military area, and other closed areas of development.

Again, as far as vaccination and chipping are concerned, these are totally related things. How can we enter these microelectronic structures into the human body? With injections, water, food, the air we breathe, the so-called chemtrails which also received very broad publicity, and is confirmed by the people who worked in these structures and military air forces of the United States and in the civil aviation, which is also being used for this. They also acknowledged that the microelectronic structures could also be expanded through the help of the chemtrails, which will get into the human body through breathing. What is more, in one of the performances, literally a week and a half or two ago, Mrs. Skvorcova, a Minister of the Russian Federation, specifically said that there are already vaccines that contain microchips that are able to control the state of the allegedly sick man. That is, it was openly said: if it means to control the situation, then they manage it as well.

No one has been hiding anything for a long time, but simply a large majority does not pay attention to it, they do not hear and want to understand the simplest of things. As we know, nothing is ever done just secretly, and just like that. All the information and all the plans that are realized in recent years are previously published, that is, the information is given in an open form. But people, unfortunately, don't understand its essence nor content. If the information was given, and people heard it and they didn't say anything, and silence is as we know a sign of consent, and if the consent was received by our general silence, it means that we can implement our plans. And this happens all the time.

If we pay attention to all the decisions that have been made recently, in recent years, we will see that they are realized just in that way. A decision has been published, for example, and no one believed there would be pension reform, that pension growth would be increased, but a year and a half before that all the information was published, and no one wanted to believe it. Mostly, everyone was silent and everything was fulfilled. The same happens with all other technologies, decisions, etc. And this is what we need to understand.

Everything is done based on the silent consent of the great majority of our population. And when we tried to talk about the issues of developing the mobile network of the fifth generation, metal detectors, etc. the top-level officers I spoke to directly said, “Who cares? You know that and it's interesting to you. How many more people like you are there, ten, a hundred? Others are not interested, the others agree with it, and as soon as they agree, it will be achieved.” That is what is going on and what we need to understand.

Journalist: Vladimir Nikolaevich, how can a simple man who is not a military person, who does not have special knowledge, in ordinary domestic conditions protect oneself from these radio waves with negative influence?

V. N.: Ilija, I will tell you this: in this situation where we are now, it is virtually impossible to do so. Why? I already gave an example: it can in principle create some contour, Faraday cage, which will completely isolate us from external influences, in a room, apartment, or whole house. But that stick has two ends, as I've said. Therefore, this is a complex problem that we are obliged to solve only altogether, merging all of our potentials. Understand? Again, the mobile network system and mobile Internet, in normal organization and at normal work, can be made and will function with minimal damage to the health of the population. But this system, in contrast, was created in such a way that it would negatively affect the health of the population. This is where the biggest problem is. And that is why for any man or technical professional it is impossible to isolate from all of that, simply physically not possible.

Journalist: It turns out that it can only be done by civic activity, by writing requests, requesting from the authorities to obey the measures…

V. N.: Totally true, Ilija, we confirmed that even addressing, sufficient mass addressing of the small, medium, and relatively large groups related to these issues, do not give any result. This requires the activity of the basic mass of our population, like for all other problems. Then they will hear us and then we can influence this very serious situation. We have tried and we are trying to activate this joint business of merging and structuring our population from the bottom itself. And not only on the issues of electromagnetic radiation but also for all other problems and decisions, which are precisely dependent on our joint activity, from the activities of the absolute majority. Because, again, all those responsible persons, whom we addressed about these issues, told us very simply and correctly that firstly if it suits the majority of the population, it means that everyone agrees with it, then it will be so. Even if it's illegitimate, then defacto if all of them agree, it means that it will be like that. That is what it is about.

Journalist: Clearly, thank you very much, Vladimir Nikolaevich. We have been talking to you for over an hour, we are glad that you were our guest and thank you for finding the time to participate, to tell all the depth of the problem that citizens need to initiate. Dear viewers, we invite you to watch the “Uncoated Coronavirus” channel on the “Tell the Truth” channel? Subscribe to our channel and we invite you to share this video so that people understand the depth of the problem and how to fight it. I remind you that our guest was Vladimir Nikolaevich Harseev, an internal service colonel, lawyer, military midfielder who worked during the 90s in the connection unit of the KGB of the Soviet Union, who was retired as head of the Ministry of Interior of the Rostov Area Connection unit.

Thank you again Vladimir Nikolaevich for your time!

Translation: Marina Djurdjevic


[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptGA1eMcsm4[/embedyt]

(Военный связист: 5G будут работать вместе с вакцинами от коронавируса)

Source: „Orthodox family“, July 2020.

Source: Новые ИзвестияВоенный связист про сети 5G: народ безмолвствует – значит, можно

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