Ron Holsey peva “Dotako sam dno života” na srpskom! Preko 450.000 pregleda!

Ron Holsey peva Dotako sam dno života

Ron Holsey Los Angeles – poslušajte kako peva:


Viđas li mi staru Ljubav? – Ron Holsey, Yunus Iyriboz i Max Whipple


Posredstvom: Tesla Vision TV – LA USA Los Angeles

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About Ron:

Ron Holsey – a male celebrity – born on Friday January 30th 1981, in Takoma Park, Maryland, USA,.

Freedom is the key to Ron's personality. Ron Holsey loves travel, adventure, variety and meeting new people, and he longs to experience all of life. He also loves to be involved in several things at the same time as long as he is not tied down to any one area. Change is constant in his world, requiring adaptability and courage.

Ron is multi-talented and possesses a variety of diverse abilities. However, discipline and focus are the true keys to his success. Without these, many of the tasks Ron begins will remain unfinished and he will fail to realize the true fruits of his abilities. With hard work and perseverance, however, the sky is the limit. Self-employment attracts Holsey powerfully, yet his challenge is to settle into one area to cultivate his ability sufficiently to earn a living and attain success. Once Ron Holsey finds his niche, the motivation and inspiration he supplies others with will bring him much in return, and he will find his friends and colleagues supporting and promoting him on the road to success.



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