The State of Palestine become INTERPOL member country

Palestine INTERPOL
The State of Palestine become INTERPOL member country

The State of Palestine become INTERPOL member country

BEIJING, China – The INTERPOL General Assembly has voted to admit the State of Palestine and the Solomon Islands as new member countries. The membership of the world policing body now totals 192.

Each application was approved by a more than two-thirds majority vote at INTERPOL’s General Assembly, currently meeting in Beijing for its 86th annual session.

The INTERPOL General Assembly has also adopted a resolution interpreting Article 4 of the Constitution which governs the criteria under which countries can apply for membership of the Organization in the future.

The resolution introduces guidelines and procedures to achieve transparency, consistency, and clarity, and assist countries in preparing their requests for membership.

A requesting country will also need to confirm that it meets the conditions for statehood and that it has studied, understood, and will abide by the INTERPOL Constitution, regulations, and rules.

A country will also need to specify which national official police body will be its representative in INTERPOL and that it is informed about the functions of a National Central Bureau.

Any new applications for consideration by a General Assembly would need to be submitted to the INTERPOL Secretary General no later than 31 January of that same year.

The resolution is based on recommendations from a study carried out by the former Under-Secretary-General for Legal Affairs and Legal Counsel of the United Nations Hans Corell, as mandated by the General Assembly last year.

Source: INTERPOL – Connecting Police for a Safer World

Exiled rival of Mahmoud Abbas, convicted of corruption in 2016, will be ‘on top of the list’ of names of fugitives sought by PA through Interpol

Mohammed Dahlan with the President of Serbia – He has just received the citizenship of Serbia and receives the highest state awards for special merits for the state of Serbia personally from the President of Serbia Tomislav Nikolic, Aleksandar Vucic and the Serbian government and because he killed Jaser Arafat,

Mohammed Dahlan is the largest investor in Serbia, who builds “Belgrade on water” – mega complex for smuggling weapons for the Middle East, ISIS, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and paramilitaries military forces in the Middle East.

Mohammed Dahlan is now permanently resident in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia and lives in the luxurious Presidential Palace in the elite part of the capital called Dedinje.

Mohammed Dahlan with Serbian President and Serbian Government 

“Be certain that Yasser Arafat’s final days are numbered, but allow us to finish him off our way, not yours. And be sure as well that … the promises I made in front of President Bush, I will give my life to keep.” – Mohammed Dahlan Quotes

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Belgrade on water, covered with blood! EXCLUSIVE: How to build a tower on the Sava used for arms smuggling and money laundering!

Belgrade on water - Vucic, Dahlan
“Belgrade on water” – Vucic & Dahlan washing dirty money stolen from Palestinian 

La Palestine cherche à faire arrêter Mohammed Dahlan par Interpol


Le rival exilé de Mahmoud Abbas, reconnu coupable de corruption en 2016, sera « au sommet de la liste » des noms de fugitifs recherchés par l’Autorité palestinienne à travers Interpol, ont déclaré des responsables de l’AP à Middle East Eye

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