Acquired_Immuno_Deficiency_Syndrome – Biological Weapon [BW] Created at Fort Detrick, Maryland, US by Robert Gallo

Each hour, three African-Americans contract HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. Black Americans represent 12 percent of the total U.S. population, yet they accounted for 43% of new AIDS cases in 1996, according to a recent survey conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

AIDS is the leading killer of African-Americans between the ages of 25 and 44; more Black Americans die from AIDS than from homicide, drugs and alcohol, cancer and heart disease combined! Chapter from: “AIDS, The End of Civilization”, by William Campbell Douglass, M.D. 1989.

The Times reported on its front page, May 11, 1987, that the World Health Organization (WHO) had “triggered” the AIDS epidemic in Africa through the WHO smallpox immunization programme. The only people in the free world not surprised by the London Times front page expose were the Americans, because they never heard about it. It is chilling to think that our press is so controlled that the most momentous news break since the assassination of President Kennedy didn't even make the sports section, much less the front page of any American daily paper, radio or television news.


A careful study of World Health Organization (WHO) literature reveals the careful planning that went into the seeding of AIDS in various nations

They also laid out a Modus Operandi (MO) for their diabolical scheme: “In the relation to the immune response a number of useful experimental approaches can be visualized.” They suggested that a neat way to do this would be to put their new killer virus (AIDS) into a vaccination programme, sit back and observe the results.

“This would be particularly informative in sibships,” they said. That is, give the AIDS virus to brothers and sisters and see if they die, who dies first, and of what, just like using rats in a laboratory. They used smallpox vaccine for their vehicle and the geographical sites chosen in 1972 were UGANDA and other African states, HAITI and BRAZIL. The recent past of AIDS epidemiology coincided with these geographical areas.

To understand the enormity of our betrayal you must know about the origin of the AIDS virus. The virologists of the world, the sorcerers who brought us this ghastly plague, have formed a united front in denying that the virus was laboratory-made from known, lethal animal viruses.

The scientific party line is that a monkey in Africa with AIDS bit a native on the butt. The native then went to town and gave it to a prostitute who gave it to the local banker who gave it to his wife and three girl friends and wham – 75 million people became infected with AIDS in Africa.


An entirely preposterous story

There has never been a proven case of a monkey transmitting a retrovirus to a human by bite or otherwise. Even monkeys artificially given AIDS by injection do not transmit the disease even to other monkeys.

AIDS started in the cities of AFRICA where there are no wild monkeys, not in the villages. The doubling time of AIDS infection, being about 12 months, means that one monkey biting one native and then spreading the disease throughout Africa would have taken 20 years to reach a million cases. Seventy-five million Africans became infected practically simultaneously. At the same time the disease became rampant in the U.S., Haiti and Brazil. How could one monkey do that, even if he were an international flight attendant?

As Dr. Robert Strecker said on a KPFK~ Los radio show, “If you want to listen to the so-called experts for the truth in this disease we'll all be dead.”

“The popular theory that the AIDS virus jumped the biologic gap from the African green monkey to man drew nothing but scorn at an international conference on AIDS in Africa,” reports Internal Medicine News, volume 20, No. 24.

Ironically, the conference was presented by the World Health Organization, the people who contaminated Africa with AIDS through smallpox vaccine. No one mentioned that at the conference!


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