Croatia must immediately secede from NATO!

Croatia must immediately secede from NATO or may suffer fatal consequences!

If a terrorist attack occured in Croatia, why should we be surprised? Or rather, why would you be surprised if Russia initiated an invasion of Croatia?  If you are the least bit truthful and honest, you will admit that this sequence of events would be quite natural.

Recently, we have been witnesses to Western European fascism which is constantly uplifted through the mainstream media which judges the blood spilled during the terrorist attack in France as if it were holy, while, at the same time, France and NATO are murdering millions of innocent people across the globe.  A million and a half people have been killed in Iraq, the victims in Afghanistan are also more than one million in number, and the number in Syria is multipied compared to the number mentioned. Civilians (women and children) which have been killed by French bombers surpass those killed by extremists on that bloody night in Paris by the thousands.

But, nevertheless, do you know where so much hatred towards France stems from? France has historically committed acts of genocide in those areas of the Middle East during the Crusades. Syria was a French colony until 1946 (a victim of murder, exploitation, rape), and then an Alevit was deceitfully put in power in a Sunite country, therefore ensuring neverending disorder and religious hatred.

To simplify, putting an Alevit in power in Syria would be the same as forcefully making Vojislav Šešelj (the Serbian extreme right-wing leader of the war against Croatia) the dictator of Croatia.  However, with time, there came a drastic change.  Syria allied with Russia and became the only country in the Middle East with a Russian military base.  Syria, a country which did not allow the West to impose their debt inducing, loan sharking banking system and the privatization of their oil companies.  What is even more important is that Syria did not kneel down to Israel, as did Zionist Jordan, Zionist Turkey, Zionist Saudi Arabia and the rest.

This is the main reason Syria is being destroyed and why they are a target of the West.  What do you think you would do if someone was raping and killing your women, incinerating homes full of children with their bombers, forcing their tyranny on you and leaving you alone and suffering, so that you simply have nothing left to lose? What would you do?  I assume, you would kill them.  See, this is exactly why cilvilians in Paris were massacred.

As usual, THOSE WHO ARE GUILTY REMAIN UNPUNISHED WHILE INNOCENT PEOPLE LIKE YOU AND ME ARE BEING KILLED.  As a Croat and a citizen of Croatia, I ask myself, how much am I to blame for the fact that my homeland is governed by a political system which commits murder all across the world and which arms various groups in the Middle East?  How much blood is on the hands of our people when we support a government which is in alliance with NATO?  The money from the taxes we pay is being spent to kill people all around the world, and that is not a joke.  So, would you be surprised if they sought revenge?

But, yet, terrorism is overexaggerated in the media, and serves the world bankers (the owners of NATO, and those who are to blame for our poverty) by pouring fear into our blood and convincing us to join them, while, at the same time, they are ultimately destroying many more lives than any terrorist has or ever will.  More people in France are killed on a daily basis in criminal clashes (which is also produced by banksters politics) then those killed that fatal night in Paris. Syria and Russia are not the ones who are loan sharking Croatians, but, rather it is western Europe and America. And yet, you won’t find any of that in the news. Can you guess why?

The war in Syria is nothing other than a small American (NATO) and Russian war.  The West wants to overthrow Assad at any price and force their banking debts, products, and government onto Syria, just as they imposed these same things onto Croatia, while Russia wants Assad to remain in power.  We are witnesses to the fact that this war is growing and spreading (we saw Turkey shoot down a Russian jet), and if we do not secede from NATO, we will soon be pulled into that war.  Our children will be killed because of the bankster interests, and it highly likely that nuclear weapons will be used in this war.  Europe is a sacrifical lamb to Israel and America, and in the case of a conflict, we will be the first to burn. It is ironic that we will be the first to perish, killing and dying in order to defend those same people who are poisoning us, burdening us with debt, evicting us from our homes, drinking our blood, and impoverishing us.
THEREFORE,I CALL UPON ALL OF THE CROATIAN CITIZENS TO URGENTLY ANNOUNCE A REFERENDUM FOR OUR SECESSION FROM THE NATO ALLIANCE. It is a criminal-genocidal creation which serves the interest of the banking elite, those who are opressing us economically, just as they are opressing NATO militarily.  If you think about it, we share a common enemy.

Do you know which circumstances are the strangest surrounding the Middle Eastern countries which have been leveled to the ground by NATO, which are at war, in which terrorist attacks occur and which are under sactions?

They all have one thing in common. All of them were a potential military threat to Israel, they all refused the forcing of foreign banking interests, they did not want to be slaves to foreign banks and privatization, they were friendly with Russia. Those countries are: Egypt, Libya, Tunis, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, and Syria. While the countries which „peacefully“ accepted all of the above mentioned terms. have experienced no terrorism or war.  Those countries are: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Jordan, and Pakistan.  Now Egypt, Libya, Tunis, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Lebanon  by accepting their orders, they have also been destroyed by through their alliance with NATO countries. So, currently they are all slaves to the bankers, privatization and Israel, except for Syria and Iran (which may be their next target).

Israel has been and still is committing genocide against the Palestinians and is in possession of nuclear weapons.  But instead of sanctions, it enjoys the protection of NATO (Croatia as well).  Zionist Saudi Arabi beheads more than 400 people (more than twice the number of ISIL) a year, but you do not see that in the news.  I believe the reason is quite clear.

I call upon all of you in Croatia (and the world) to wise up and urgently demand a referendum for seceding from NATO.

Zoran Antičević, literate of Matica Hrvatska

Movement for the neutrality of Croatia



A message of support from Ken O'Keefe to the Movement for the neutrality of the Republic of Croatia, to Croatia and its people, to the rest of Europe and to all of Humanity. This is the message of an ex- american officer and war veteran, who was one of the first to openly speak out about the vicious circle of American – Israeli, or to be more exact, the Zionistic creation of perpetual war with NATO's participation. Also, about the terrorism that ensues with the spreading of mass fear worldwide, the foundational purpose of which is to represent the interests of a handful of powerful bankers who are earning tremendeous profits from war. He speaks out about the people who are running things from the shadows, using politicians and entire governments as their puppets.

Kenneth O'Keefe, a former US Marine and a veteran explains who really rules the world and who stand behind the attacks in Paris and the Islamic State:

Just STOP the War. Just that.


“Humanity’s challenge at this decisive point in history is to face a monster that is desperately attempting to expand it’s tyrannical system of human enslavement. Simultaneously human consciousness is growing with unparalleled expansion and this is a grave threat to the tyrants. Only one of these forces, humanity or tyranny, can succeed and the world we handover to our children and future generations will be defined by our success or failure in this regard. The irony is that the tyrants have no power but that which we have unwittingly relinquished to them… in order to create a better world we simply need to take our power back. That is my ultimate goal; a better world. My wisdom in this matter comes from the knowledge that the attainment of this goal is not up to me, it is up to us.”

Ken O'Keefe, Nov. 2015


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